OrthoAssist Online

OrthoAssist Staff (Earn 8 AGD CEU credits)

The Staff program provides entry-level technical training for the entire staff. This program provides new assistants and front-office staff with the same information. Your scheduling team will benefit from the clinical knowledge, enabling them to make better scheduling decisions.

Topics covered: Orthodontic Terminology, Tooth Identification, Patient Records (Ceph, Panex, study models, imaging) Impressions, Banding & Bonding Procedures, Appliances and Orthodontic Problems.

OrthoAssist Clinical (Earn 8 AGD CEU credits)

The program provides training tailored to a clinical assistant’s needs. The goal of this program is to help staff develop a greater understanding of the treatment plan and objectives for a patient, by providing in-depth information on appliances and mechanics. A well-trained clinical assistant can free the orthodontist from many ‘hands-on’ tasks.

Topics covered: Advanced Terms, Tooth Identification, Force Mechanics, Procedures, Ceph-basic Points, Appliance Preparation, Instruments, Dental Problems, and Dental Specialists.

OrthoAssist Insurance (Earn 2 AGD CEU credits)

The program provides training on the intricacies of Orthodontic Insurance. This program will enable staff to have a greater understanding of insurance claims. It is important to understand how Orthodontic Insurance works to ensure the practice and patients receive the full benefit from the policy. With the increase in Orthodontic Insurance coverage, every office should be prepared. This program includes a pre-test which can be pre-employment screening tool to identify training needs.

Topics Covered: Terms as They Relate to Filing a Claim, Types of Dentition, Types of Treatment, Claim Form, Code Numbers and a Printable Code List.

OrthoAssist Treatment Coordinator (Earn 5 AGD CEU credits)

The Treatment Coordinator program provides your Treatment Coordinator with the tools needed to close a case. You will be able to train a person with little to no orthodontic experience to be productive. Covering everything from the new patient phone call to the case presentation, a one-step new patient process or multi-step process, this program will assist your staff. In order to close the case, your treatment coordinator must be prepared for all questions.

Topics Covered: Terms, Records, bite Classification, Procedures, Appliances, Initial Call, New Patient Information, 1-Step Process, 2-Step Process, Multi-Step Process and Closing the Case.

OrthoAssist Referrals (Earn 2 AGD CEU credits)

The program is designed to be given to dentists in your referral base. The program focuses on basic orthodontic problems and principals from the perspective of the dental practice. This program emphasizes the relationship between the dentist, orthodontist and dental hygienist. By giving an office this program, you have provided an opportunity for the hygienist to receive 2 AGD CEU credits. This will increase dental staff knowledge of orthodontic needs and goodwill toward your office.

Topics Covered: Overview of Malocclusions, Types of Braces, Types of Appliances and Oral Hygiene.

This program gives forever, being able to be used by all of the hygienists in the dentist’s office – even those who are hired later.

OrthoAssist Bundle

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