OrthoAssist Clinical 201


This training program provides one user 6 months

  • Advanced Terms
  • Tooth Identification
  • Force Mechanics
  • Procedures
  • Ceph-basic Points
  • Appliance Preparation
  • Instruments
  • Dental Problems
  • Dental Specialists

OrthoAssist Clinical 201 (Earn 8 AGD CEU credits)

OrthoAssist Clinical 201 provides training tailored to a advanced clinical assistant’s needs. The goal of this program is to help staff develop a greater understanding of the treatment plan and objectives for a patient, by providing in-depth information on appliances and mechanics. A well-trained clinical assistant can free the orthodontist from many “hands-on” tasks. Topics covered include Advanced Terms, Tooth Identification, Force Mechanics, Procedures, Ceph-basic Points, Appliance Preparation, Instruments, Dental Problems, and Dental Specialists.

Earn 8 AGD CEU credits

Only one user per purchase with 6 months access.

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OrthoAssist Clinical 201 Screen Shots